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Working with some of God's most beautiful creations is a wonderful privilege. I'm grateful to be able to combine my passion of caring for animals medically, with my love for horses in order to positively impact so many lives. I feel I was given the ability to understand these powerful animals for a reason. I can see beyond the look of the defeated and see straight into the eyes of a strong, beautiful soul; I then make it my mission to bring back that strength and dignity. No matter what I do for these horses, it will never amount to what they do for me..

I have been riding horses for 10 years. I have been passionate for horses and all types of animals since I was a little girl. There is something that horses do for me that I can't find anywhere else. They understand me and I understand them even at the worst and the best times. I love being able to teach horses to overcome their fears and learn to build their trust/confidence in any field. I love any and all types of challenges that step in front of me because that is the most rewarding job anyone can have when you succeed, especially doing it with a very large animal. I knew from the minute I met the first horse I rode, that this is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

Our founder

Physical Rehabilitation - We rehabilitate neglected, starved and/or malnourished Draft Horses back to a strong, healthy and energetic state.

Medical Rehabilitation - We specialize in rehabilitating horses with illnesses and injuries. We specifically have the ability to offer advanced wound care. We also work to manage and control any long-term medical conditions. All horses are seen by a licensed veterinarian upon arrival, and as needed throughout their rehabilitation. We follow the Veterinarian's recommended protocol in each horse's treatment plan.

Emotional Rehabilitation - Many of the horses we help come to us very depressed, and some have significant trust issues that warrants using caution when handling them. Most of these issues resolve themselves throughout the horse's rehabilitation as we are able to restore their health and trust in humans. For the horses who have more difficulty overcoming their past, we seek assistance from our trainer who is very understanding and talented with overcoming fear-driven behavior problems. 

After Rehabilitation - When we take in a horse we make a commitment to that horse to better their life from that day forward. We make every effort to withhold that promise. Some horses will remain with us for the remainder of their lives, while others will go on to be adopted into loving homes. This is a case by case decision. For more information on adopting you can contact us or visit our page for available horses.

Community Outreach / Events - We attend many events throughout the year. We have horses present at local fairs, festivals and other community events. Our horses participate in events and shows hosted by the GA Draft Horse Association. We will also be organizing our own events throughout the year, and will post them as we coordinate. 

There is something that horses do for me that I can't find anywhere else..

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to give any horse that comes into our program a second chance at a beautiful life.

our leadership team

Ashley Mansuetto

"Dedicated to healing"

what we do


We welcome volunteers and feel that together,  we can make the difference in the lives of many horses. Contact us to set up an appointment.

No Matter What I Do For These Horses, It Will Never Amount To What They Do For Me..

Georgia Draft Horse Rehabilitation and Recovery, Inc.

Candace Robinson

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