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Royal Impression

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Meet Our Personal Horses

The horses below are personally owned by Candace and Nick. The care and needs of these horses are provided and funded in full by Candace and Nick personally; no donations or contributions are put towards the care of these horses. 

Rest in Peace to Willie's Brother, "Dane" who we lost in February 2015
‚Äč(Pictured to the Left in the Photo Above)

Photos Taken Prior to Recovery July 2015

I personally adopted Royal in July of 2013. When I adopted him, he was very thin and depressed. We soon found out he was suffering from an abscessed tooth that was broken off at the gum line and horribly infected. We had this tooth surgically removed and he progressed through his physical rehabilitation with ease. 

Royal is "The Ladies Man" in the herd, and if you are not careful, he will jump right into your back pocket! He is the biggest pet ever, but don't let that fool you; he is also a handful! Royal views fence lines and any other sort of containment as a simple suggestion, so he has no problem showing off his skills as an escape artist. He has the curiosity of a little kid and always keeps us guessing with "what will Royal think of next?". Life would just be boring without this big goof around!

Georgia Draft Horse Rehabilitation and Recovery, Inc.

Photos Taken Post-Recovery October 2015

Willie is a Percheron gelding in his early 20s. I simply cannot say enough amazing things about this horse. He is a "go anywhere, do anything" kind of guy. Willie enjoys going out on trail rides, and loves to pull his Meadowbrook cart. Willie is retired from the show ring, but is enjoying serving as an aid-horse to our weak horses in the herd. He assists horses with handicaps by guiding them and providing defense against the other horses when it comes to basic "herd politics". He has given countless people their 1st draft horse ride, as his gentle nature gives comfort to everyone who interacts with him. Willie is a well-known member of our family and he has participated in many important family events. He has many friends who keep up with him and visit him, including his previous owners. He developed a special relationship with our friend Nikki years ago when we 1st got him, and they have been best friends ever since! Willie has touched the life of many people and animals; he serves as a staple here on our farm.


Life After Rehabilitation The surgery site from removing the eye healed without any complications. Axle is maintaining a healthy body condition and has adjusted very well to life with one eye. He enjoys being turned out with the other drafts, and has specifically made friends with another permanent resident named "Willie". Due to Axle's age, handicap and chronic condition of his remaining right eye, we elected that it would be in this old man's best interest to live the remainder of his life here with us so we can continue keeping him comfortable with his special needs.

This page is dedicated to our permanent residents. The horses that you see here will live out the remainder of their lives with us for various reasons which you can read more about in their individual stories. Our personal draft horses are also listed at the bottom of this page.


Axle came to us in July of 2015 as an owner surrender. He is a Belgian gelding, and aged approximately in his mid-20s. 

When Axle came in he was underweight and had a Squamous Cell Carcinoma tumor in his left eye. We started him on a new nutritional plan and his weight and physical condition began improving very soon. An attempt was made to remove just the tumor from his left eye, but unfortunately within just a couple of week, the tumor recurred. We then made the decision to remove the entire eye in order to efficiently remove all of the tumor. Axle has recurring Uveitis in his right eye which we manage with drops and ointments as needed.

We do have other beloved horses that we own personally. We love these big horses dearly, and they all have contributed a piece of inspiration for us to continue helping other draft horses that are in need. I am thankful for their continued influence.