Georgia Draft Horse Rehabilitation and Recovery, Inc.


Traveler came to us in March, 2016 from Greenville, GA. Traveler is approximately 7 years old. He was picked up as a stallion, but taken straight to Auburn University for his castration procedure. We have since been working on teaching him trust and respect. Traveler is receiving professional training currently. Traveler is not a beginner horse; he will required an experienced handler/rider. Traveler has been started under saddle, but will require further training before he is ready to be a safe riding horse Traveler comes with a current negative coggins and he is up-to-date on vaccinations.

"Life takes us unexpected places. Love brings us home."


Barbie is an approximately 4 year old pony who joined us in October of 2015 along with 4 other horses and 2 donkeys. Barbie was slightly underweight and had a high parasite burden. Her rehabilitation was very smooth with no issues. She is an adorable little thing with plenty of personality! She is only 12 hands. She gets along well with any other horse or herd we put her with. We have used her as a companion for our more sickly or injured horses. She is not broke to ride, but she is halter broke. Barbie has a current negative coggins, and she is up-to-date on her vaccines. 


Raven is a 14 year old Spotted Draft Horse that came to us from Middleburg, FL in June of 2016 as an owner surrender. Raven was experiencing what her previous owner described as unexplained hoof pain, resulting in her laying down frequently and losing weight. She also had her yearling filly still nursing from her, who we also brought in for rehabilitation (Fancy). Our veterinarian examined her upon arrival and took radiographs of her hooves revealing them to be in pretty good condition with the exception of some balance issues. Our farrier worked with her to correct these issues, and we treated her severe thrush infection. We are happy to report that we now have a happy, healthy, sound and gorgeous mare! Raven works beautifully under saddle, but we do recommend an intermediate rider/handler for her due to her size and higher skill level. Raven has a current negative coggins, and she is up-to-date on vaccinations. 

The horses listed here are all available for adoption. We screen potential adoptive families and do require an adoption agreement prior to any horse leaving our farm. If you are interested in adopting a horse you see here, please contact us for the next steps!

Torie- Special Needs Home

Torie came to us in March of 2016 from Greenville, GA. Her rehabilitation was for weight gain. Torie is an older gal, so she prefers to be a pasture pony for the most part. Torie would be a perfect match for another horse needing a companion. Torie has a current negative coggins, and she is up-to-date on her vaccines.
*** Update March 2017: We recently found out that Torie has liver disease. There is nothing that we can do to reverse this or cure her; we can just keep her comfortable at this time. There is a good chance that she could have many more days ahead, or this may progress quickly. She is only available to a qualified home in which she would be able to live her days as a spoiled pet, otherwise she will live her days out here with us. 

"Dedicated to healing"

Fancy- Special Needs Home

Fancy is an owner surrender that came to us from Middleburg, FL with a severe injury to her left hind leg. Fancy is a Spotted Draft Horse yearling. Upon arrival, it appeared that Fancy had damage to her suspensory ligament, but upon further diagnostics performed by our veterinarian, we discovered the actual damage occurred to the peroneus tertius tendon. The doctor ordered 6-8 months of rest/modified activity, along with a fetlock brace for support and a shoe with posterior extension. The conformation of the leg will never be normal, and her prognosis is guarded simply because she is a young, growing draft horse. As a result of this injury, Fancy will only be pasture-sound. She will only be approved for a pet or companion home. *** Update: Overall she had a good report with her last exam, with some modifications to her routine. She will go back into the fetlock brace, but not the hock brace. She will also cut back on her turnout time. These are just precautionary measures as she enters another time of quick growth. We will allow her rest time without the brace as well to prevent growth restriction, as that could be equally as damaging. Her prognosis remains a waiting game as we see how that leg continues to support her growth. She will also remain shod with an extended shoe on that hoof for support. Fancy will only be approved to a home in which can tend to her needs, otherwise she will remain here with us.